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No Rochester restaurant list would be complete without mentioning 3 B's, bikers and blues barbecue, so we might as well start with that. Located in the heart of downtown Rochester, just blocks from City Hall, this blue barbecue with 3-B bikers offers great city views and a good selection of local food and beverages.

The pan-fried noodles are made without excessive fat and gravy, which often turn otherwise nutritious dishes into fast food sins, and there are healthy options. The menu was designed primarily by the chef, who also directs the restaurant's menu and beverage program at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Over the years, the menu has changed to include a variety of dishes including chicken, beef, pork, chicken and pork ribs, and salads.

The Lento also offers fresh options daily, including fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as a variety of meats and cheeses. The special and standard menus are seafood-studded, and while you get your meal in a range of courses, there's something for almost every taste. A highlight of the tap is the in-house sausage, which with its new concept also wants to offer fresh taste.

Start your palate by ordering the wood - roasted garlic with jalapeno and onion jam on a grilled focaccia, then with cheese and grilled garlic bread with mashed potatoes. As a main course, order a dish that combines hangars steak, sausage and shrimp, topped off with a selection of fresh vegetables such as kale, spinach and red onions. Kale truffle mushroom risotto with fresh vegetables offers the gourmet flavor that it offers its guests.

In addition to the main course, you can also order a side dish with a selection of fresh vegetables such as kale, spinach and red onions.

Owned by Peggy Naughton for over 40 years, this first-class steakhouse is just 15 minutes from downtown Rochester. The deliciously authentic grill, filled with pork ribs, breast fillet, chicken, pork chops and other meat, has won the City Paper crowns in several years, including 2013. Home to the famous Rochester trash can is Nick's Tahou Hots, so try them here first.

While some others we interviewed were surprised to find that the Rochester has such a great food scene, we agree that Rochester really deserves this honor. As the critics have pointed out, it is one of the most diverse cities in the country, with a great variety of food and great restaurants.

What makes Owl House special is that it's taken the frustration out of life as a vegan and gluten-free option for upstate New York wing lovers. The coal oven makes the crusts good, and they do it with the best of both worlds, a rich, well-made crust and a crispy crust. Order a variety of hot dogs that you can put together and buried under fries hills. Boston Terrier gets a hot dog with Dogtown chili, which makes you wonder if you can even stop it all.

If you want to challenge yourself to eat pancakes with a big head, try Steve's Diner for a good, hearty breakfast with the best of both worlds of pancakes and big heads.

Vegan bread is on the menu of Amazing Grains Bread Company, but the farmhouse is not currently labeled vegan. You have a veggie burger that is vegan when you order it with wheat flatbread, and you have confirmed that you are vegan (without mayonnaise and dressing).

Where bagels are vegan and where no dairy products or meat is used (except for the egg wash used for some items). Where the bagsel is vegan and dairy products and meat are not used in any way, is the shape, shape or shape.

If you want to taste real Asian cuisine, head to the SEA Restaurant (SEA) if you are in Rochester New York and want to taste real Asian cuisine. Staff say the dishes in this section do not contain fish sauce or shrimp paste. There are no dairy products, meat, eggs, cheese or other animal products and the chef knows a thing or two about vegan diets. All foods can be easily made vegan, except seafood, which can be easily made vegan with soy sauce.

Highland breakfast wraps and pancakes won't disappoint, but the reason you eat in the Highland is their hand - dipped milkshakes. Then wash it with mint lemonade you press in your hand and head to the gourmet burgers named after local celebrities, such as the burger with caramelized onions, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. If food is your thing once and for all, then go back if you can, even if it's only for a few hours.

Order the Buffalo cauliflower and you'll do it just right, or you may be watching the game while everyone else stinks. If you have a steak prepared to your liking, order it because it pretty much gets you going. While you're there, you might as well go to the other side of the restaurant and order the buffalo wings, which, if you've been there, might just leave with the best wings in town.

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