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There is perhaps no better way to ring in spring in Rochester than by visiting a local apple farm, and there is perhaps no better time than now. Many farms offer the possibility to pick apples and other fruits and vegetables themselves. Spending time on a farm in the woods or in one of Rochester's many apple orchards is the perfect autumn experience.

The county and county fairs offer a unique blend of agriculture, entertainment and entertainment dating back to the early 1800s. Around food, drink, music and culture, festivals and events in Rochester bring the community together in many ways.

We give you an overview of the best ideas to find topics you already love or want to avoid. During the day, you have plenty of time to explore the Rochester area, but you can also enjoy a variety of events that start in the early evening. This only happens in the fall in Rochester and it is one of the most popular events in New York, which only takes place in October.

The Monroe County Office of Aging holds four job fairs throughout Monroe County, each with a different theme and a variety of job opportunities for seniors and young adults.

Employers are on the ground to meet the changing needs of older adult workers, including those with disabilities. Four employers from the world of work participated, with 9 people participating to look for vacancies and apply. In addition, 3 employers from the Monroe County Aging Office and 2 local businesses attended the job fair, which attracted 19 people, who gathered information and applied for the vacancy. One employer from four areas participated, while 30 people participated in the checkout or applied for the vacancies for seniors and young adults in Rochester, New York. One employer was on site with four employers that were tailored to the changing needs of older adults and employees, including the position of "people with disabilities."

The Monroe County Aging Act requires public review and comment so that MCOFA can submit annually updated plans for programs and services for state approval. There is also the possibility for individuals to provide feedback on these plans before they submit state approval, as well as public comments on the plans.

The Coats for Seniors campaign offers the community the opportunity to look into the middle of the closet and donate new or softly used coats to help the older adults in our community. This event creates a positive development of youth, allows our communities to pay for it and help older adults, and creates a positive development of young people. If you are interested in a new, gently used coat for your family or friends, please contact us to be placed on the waiting list. These events create a positive development for young people, enable our young adults to "pay them forward" and create a positive youth development, and allow our urban community of young children and their parents and grandparents to pay for them and help the elderly and needy.

We would like to thank our generous sponsors in the community for keeping the Coats for Seniors campaign alive in Rochester, New York. We thank PeerPlaces for their generous support of our annual hands-on mantle ride for seniors in our community.

The Elder Law Fair provides an opportunity to learn about and receive help on legal issues affecting older adults and their caregivers, as well as their legal rights. Lawyers and salespeople from across Monroe County are coming together to provide education and help older adult caregivers understand their rights and get legal assistance. The event will begin with an open day and a guest speaker, and will allow us to acknowledge the contributions of our local law enforcement officers, judges and judges.

MCOFA will be open to public comments and questions and answers in conjunction with the public hearing. Sponsors include: Dry Cleaning Services, Dry Cleaning Services of Rochester, Inc., and the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

Volunteers will rake the lawns and fretwork bags of 68 elderly adult residents to prepare for winter. Collect coats, then collect them from drop-off points and drop them off at the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. Volunteers will rake the grass, trees, shrubs and other non-perishable food from the 68 oldest adults in the city of Rochester as they prepare for winter! Volunteers will clear the lawn, bags, leaves, etc. from all 68 of the oldest adult residents to prepare them for winter.

This event showcases the training provided by talented zoo staff and volunteers and is held in partnership with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and the Rochester Police Department.

Participants who pre-order lunch will be given a lunch while listening to music from the local band JAVA in the pavilion. Seniors have the opportunity to bowl and play with the youth of the community in a friendly, fun and fun boules game.

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